What are the school hours?
  • The school day for all students is 8:15 am-3:00 pm.
  • Students should arrive 10 minutes before the school day to not be considered late.
  • Before care: doors open at 7:30 am – included in tuition
  • After school care is 3:15-5:15 pm and is $5 per hour
Are students required to wear uniforms?

SCA requires khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, skorts) with a navy blue, gray or white polo. No monogram is required at this time.

Girls may wear navy blue skater dresses with shorts under.

Does SCA provide an option to purchase lunch on campus?

We do not offer an option to purchase lunch on campus. All students are required to bring their own lunch every day. A refillable water bottle is encouraged daily.

Can parents visit the students classroom?

If a parent would like to visit the classroom, prior arrangements must be made. We do encourage parents to come eat lunch with their students periodically.

Are there ways to get involved as a parent?

Yes! SCA needs parents to lead the way in fund raising events, planning of field trips, and individual teacher helps.

Does SCA have intentions to open upper level grades past 6th Grade?
As of right now, we would love to see our Academy grow through High School with an emphasis on life skills along with academics. However, we will continue to pray God’s direction for the school as to when the grades will be added.
Is SCA accredited?
It takes several years for a school to earn accreditation and we are still very young. However, we do use accredited curriculum.